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Kids Pro Sports Shoots


Thanks for stopping by to find out more about our youth section club shoots.  Over the last few years we have dedicated a lot of time and resources into developing uniquely styled sports shoots incorporating coloured lights and smoke, initially for commercial work such as kit launch for Crusaders Football Club


So your interested what now.

First of lets go through what you get and how much it costs.  Each kid receives a

*Full club image 

*Team image and

*Their favourite individual image all made available for download.  


The club will recieve a print release and access to the images to be able to use for their own promotional material.  All this costs just £10 per player paid on the night of the shoot.

Ok you want to go ahead now what.

So we usually work with the youth co-ordinator directly who will ask the coaches to get round their parents and find out who would be interested so we can gauge numbers and put together a plan to facilitate the shoots.  We call out to your training and set up, larger youth sections may require us to call out a number of times as you can normally cover around 50-60 kids per night.  At the end of all the shoots we arrange a night to do a full club photo to finish off the package.

Each club will have their own private club page here on my website.  After the shoot the parents will be given access to the page to pick their individual image and fill out an order form.  There will the optional extras of more individual images and even printed versions but only as an extra for those who want them.

There is a £200 minimum charge so if you have less than 20 kids it will cost more than £10 per child, i.e. if there is only 10 kids it will cost £20 per child which is why it works out better if more than one team links in together for the shoot.  For 20 kids and above it works out at £10 per head.

Full club image is only added in if all teams participate in the shoots.

To book in just email or call Ryan on 07305397711 and well get you sorted.

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