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Im not going to tell you why you should book us, im going to do the opposite and tell you why you shouldn't

1.  If you want someone out of sight who will engage with you both minimally through out the day DONT BOOK ME 

2.  If you want run of the mill images with nothing setting your wedding images apart from the rest DONT BOOK ME

3.  If you dont want someone in your corner all day keeping you calm when your wobbling and laughing the rest DONT BOOK ME

4.  If you want someone who stays behind the camera and doesnt muck in when the page boys flower falls off, the groom gets confused with his cufflinks or the bride needs someone to hold her drink while she has a toilet stop DONT BOOK ME

OK I think you get the general jist of it but let me give you a general run down of what you are hiring on the day, the photos/video or whatever it is youve booked us for on the day is just a small portion of what your actually getting, your getting a team who have been there and seen it all and helped couples navigate through every crisis a wedding day can potentially throw at you and come out laughing at the other side.  Im never the quietest one in the room in fact when I turn up one of my main jobs is to insure you firstly are as comfortable as you can possibly be before a camera is shoved in your face then secondly enjoying every single second of your day with a good laugh which is something we are quite proudly known for.

If you want someone to turn up stand in the corner and not speak to anyone please DONT BOOK ME our main talent is making sure our couples have the day of their lives and were awesome at it, it also helps our work is bloody awesome to lol.

Photography Packages start from £1500, fill the contact form in below and well send you a full break down of what we offer

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