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Ok so youve received your images by download link, now what.  Well ill take you through the process so you dont feel like your starting to get confused between, digitals, prints, uploads downloads blah blah blah - ill keep it simple here

The Process - steps 1-5 is up to receiving the images for the first time back from me for viewing and 6-12 is how you order yours

1.Book in

2.Add yourself to Facebook group (if not on Facebook ill keep you posted by email)

3.Get all the details you need in there about your time slot and direcitons, again for anyone not on Facebook youll be contacted directly by email

4.Do the shoot

5. Get a minimally edited gallery from me with all the images taken that night.

6. Click the star on your favourite images that in turn comes to me so I know what you have ordered

7. Click and fill out the Image Order Form either in the group or on this page below

8. Pay the outstanding balance with the payment details on the order form

9. Receive your images back from me fully edited coloured, exposed and cropped to perfection, on your own online gallery.

10.Download your images to your phone or pc.

11.As an option click the image/images on your gallery and click buy if you want printed versions to be delivered aswell, theres a video below to explain it.

12.All done 

Forms & Videos

Ordering Your Digital Images

Downloading Your Images

Ordering Printed Images

Image Order Form

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