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Ok Folks our 2 easy steps to ordering.

1. Have look at the unedited gallery linked below and decide if you would like to choose-


Package A- One Club Image, One Group Image & One Individual you get with the deposit you have already paid - extra needed - £0


Package B - Package A plus an extra 4 individuals (5 in total) and them all edited in Black & White also - extra needed - £20

Once you have decided on your package you pick your image or images by clicking the heart icon on the  photo so we know what you have selected for editing.  If going for the smaller package you have paid for you just have to pick one individual, if you have went for the bigger £20 package you just need to pick 5 individual images.

Come Back to this page for step 2 after seeing the gallery


2. Fill In This Order Form and Pay​

Orders will be taken up to 8pm on a Tuesday night and edited within two days, any order that comes in after 8pm wont be edited until the following week.

Payment Details

You can pay any outstanding balance if owed by either Bank Transfer at 

Ryan Ward

Acc Number 28839676

Sort Code 04-00-75

Or by clicking our PayPal link here Click here for PayPal 

Things to note

  1. These are for digitals, they are images you download to your laptop, pc or phone.

  2. Printed versions are availble, I have the gallery linked to an online print shop so you can easily order differnt sized prints if you want them direct from the supplier, we have nothing to do with the prints we just connect the gallery to the shop so you have more options.

  3. I cut off orders every Tuesday night at 8pm, anything that comes in by then will be edited over the next few days, if it comes in after that time then they dont get edited until the following Tuesday, reason is I have to edit them in big batches as it takes too long to edit them as they come in drips and drabs.

  4. If you dont do all three, fill out the order form,select your images by clicking the heart icon and pay any outstanding balance if any is needed then editing of those images wont be started.



Ive Set up a Private Pro-Star Facebook Group just in case something doesnt make sense, you can join it here where any question you have will be answered and ive also got some sample images already uploaded Click here to join the Group

If you dont use Facebook you can go direct to sample images here


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