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Ok Folks our 2 easy steps to ordering.

Firstly these are a lot cheaper than we normally do them as Jakey is puling the mates rate card so youve him to thank 

1. Have look at the gallery linked below and decide if you would like to choose-

Package A- 5 Individual Digital Images and all the the team images £20


Package B - Package A plus all the individual images in Black & White to £25


Once you have decided on your package you let us know what images you want by clicking the heart icon on the  photos in the gallery.
Come Back to this page for step 2 after seeing
the gallery


2. Fill In This Order Form and Pay​

A few questions you may have


What is a digital image? - Its an image we upload to the gallery where you can then download them to your PC or phone it is not a print.


Can I get a Print? - Yes you can, once your purchase the digitals from us, I link the new gallery I upload your bought images into to a printer I use in England and right there in the gallery is an online shop where you can buy a range of products just by clicking your image and then the shopping trolley icon.  They handle your order directly and deliver right to your door.


What happens when I place my order? - I will have received it and once I have time I will keep adding the images that have been bought into one new big team gallery where you can download them directly from there.

Thank You

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