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We are running just the one date this year for kids dance shoots, with a busy wedding season ahead we wont have time to run these shoots again anytime soon so nows the time to take one of our limited slots for our shoot on Monday 13th 

This year we have 2 packages to choose from

*Package A The Shoot 10 digital images sent for download at £50

*Package B The shoot and 40 Images sent for download £100

We have partnered with the pic-time platform who have now enabled us to not only send your images through one of their galleries but they give you the option to order a wide range of products from prints to canvases right there in your own personal gallery 

When booking in you will only be required to pay the £50 which will cover package A, you have the option of upgrading to package B after the shoot when seeing your images in our gallery.

Book Your Time Slot Below

(Its £50 per child and if you want children photographed together be sure to book two time slots beside each other, you will need to book in twice if there 2 children, 3 times if three children and so on)

When booking click the the link below, select 13th March, select your time slot, fill in the details, when you submit hold to be redirected to the payment details then we will be back in touch to confirm your booking once complete.

Click here to Book 


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